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Specialists in the field of procurement and marketing of fresh top fruit.

Founded in 1989, the company began by selling predominantly English fruit. It has gradually diversified and now procures fruit for our customers from all around the globe.

OrchardWorld forms part of The Orchard Fruit Company with Norton Folgate.

OrchardWorld is one of the UK's foremost specialist top fruit companies. We are working with some of the best producers and packers in the world, bringing the finest produce to our customers. Although we retain a particular strength in UK apples and pears, we are also at the cutting edge of world production, procuring fruit from all over Europe as well as the Southern Hemisphere.


OrchardWorld's staff have a wealth of experience built up over many years. We have a small and dedicated team within which the technical and commercial personnel work closely together to produce long term lasting benefits for everyone we work with.


OrchardWorld is actively seeking new suppliers, both in the UK and abroad.

If you would like to find out more about the opportunities of working with OrchardWorld contact Mark Culley, Managing Director, who will be pleased to discuss these with you.

Our Responsibility

OrchardWorld manages its business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society.


Contact us

Please visit our contact us page to complete our enquiry form, or give us a ring!

Our company

OrchardWorld was founded in 1989 as a specialist in the field of procurement and marketing of fresh top fruit.

Contact us

OrchardWorld is one of the leading suppliers of apples and pears to the UK’s supermarket industry.

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