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This Tax Strategy applies to our year ending 31 December 2022 and we consider that it meets the requirements of Finance Act 2016, Schedule 19, Paragraph 16(2) for the current year. The Board reviews and approves the Group’s tax strategy and management’s adherence to it on an annual basis.

Overview and Structure

Our tax strategy sets out the principles governing the management of the Group’s tax affairs across all Fletcher Bay Limited group companies in the UK (“the Group”) and our strategy for delivering against those principles.

Our tax strategy is actively monitored by the Group’s senior accounting officers, Audit Committee, external advisers and the Board of directors of Argent Foods Limited.

Argent Foods Limited owns a portfolio of companies operating in the food sector, which employ circa 1,000 people across the UK and overseas. A responsible approach to tax is just one part of our wider ethos.

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Norton Folgate

Norton Folgate is a specialist stone fruit and citrus sourcing company, founded in 1996

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